Automatic vertical storage system Modula

Automatic vertical storage system Modula provides a complex, flexible and productive storage solution for any industrial sector.

Modula represents the next stage of storage technology development, because it uses every square meter of floor space and every centimeter of warehouse height much more effectively compared to static racks.

Modula works on the principle “goods-to-person”: extractor transports trays with material into a deliver bay where operators can pick up the goods manually or using a crane or an industrial robot.

The machine is controlled by a touch screen with a simple and intuitive interface, where operators call goods by their ID or a tray number.

Modula – advantages:

  • Up to 90% floor space saving

  • Up to 4 times higher productivity compared to static racks

  • Speed and time saving due to “goods-to-person” principle

  • Workplace at ergonomic height

  • Operator errors significantly reduced

  • Access control by identification of each operator

  • High safety – closed storage space, a large number of sensors, optical barriers and other safety devices

  • Increased warehouse security – theft protection, dust and work environment protection

  • Wide range of accessories – LED bars, laser pointer, Put-to-Light system, barcode/EKS/magnetic card readers, ESD protection, tray deviders and many others

  • Software Modula WMS – complex software for warehouse inventory management, integrable with almost every ERP system

  • Thousands of installations around the world – BMW, Ford, Porsche, Michelin, Airbus, Boeing, FedEx, DHL, ABB, Siemens, Nike, Nestlé, Pepsi Corporation, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, L'Oreal and many others

There are 3 types of Modula machines: Modula LIFT (standard version of the machine), Modula Sintes1 (storage in limited space) and Modula SLIM (maximally flexible solution for the smallest storage areas).

Modula LIFT – technical parameters:

  • Machine height – from 3300 mm to 16100 mm

  • Tray width in 4 variants – 1900, 2500, 3100 and 4100 mm

  • Tray payload in 4 variants – 250, 500, 750 and 990 kg (for any tray width)

Modula Sintes1 – technical parameters:

  • Machine height – from 2600 mm to 7100 mm

  • Tray width in 2 variants – 1300 and 1700 mm

  • Tray payload – 200 kg

Modula SLIM – technical parameters:

  • Machine height – from 2400 mm to 7100 mm

  • Tray width in 3 variants – 1300, 1900 and 2500 mm

  • Tray payload – 350 kg

  • Machine total depth – no more than 1,6 m

We offer complete after-sales service for Modula machines: extended warranty, warranty service, preventive inspections, periodic replacement of spare parts, remote assistance, on-site technical intervention, installation of accessories for machines already in operation, tray number increase and other services.

Our company also developed its own application “Správce Modula”, where you can watch the status of your machines, number of cycles, date of the next machine inspection and previous inspections records.

You can find more information about Modula (including detailed technical specification of Modula LIFT, Sintes1 and SLIM) in links at the right side of the webpage (at the bottom part for mobile devices) or you can directly visit Modula website here.

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