MonoTower® & TwinTower® – AUTOmatic vertical storage systems for heavy-load products

Automatic vertical storage systems MonoTower® and TwinTower® are a complex, flexible and productive storage solution for heavy-load and long products, e.g. rods, profiles, metal sheets, pallets, tools, machine spare parts and other similar products.

MonoTower® and TwinTower® work on the principle “goods-to-person”: extractor transports trays with material into a deliver bay where operators can pick up the goods manually or using a crane or a forklift.

Machines are controlled by a touch screen where operators select the required material or the tray and the machine will automatically transport it into the delivery bay/station.

MonoTower® a TwinTower® – advantages:

  • Saving storage space

  • Maximal use of warehouse height

  • Fast and simple access to stored products

  • Flexible choice of delivery bays – at any height above the floor, at both sides of the machine etc.

  • Possibility to connect the machine to the outer cladding of a building

  • Integration with barcode readers and other accessories

  • Integration with WMS/ERP systems and production machines (metal pressing, laser cutting etc.)

 MonoTower® a TwinTower® – machine technical parameters:

  • Maximal tray payload – 5000 kg

  • Maximal tray length – 15 m

  • Maximal machine height – 20 m

  • Horizontal and vertical transport using Gall chains

MonoTower® a TwinTower® – areas of use:

  • Production lines – storage of material and semifinished products (rods, profiles, metal sheets etc.), tools, spare parts and others

  • Warehouses – storage of finished products

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